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The advisory group helps guide decision-making and updates related to the academic alert process at RIT.

Current Advisory Group Members:

Zack Butler, GCCISLaurie Alexander, CAD
Peter Byrne, CAD

Pradip Ananda, UE

Matt Coppenbarger, COS

Daniele Brown, YearOne Programs
Rob Garrick, CETAbby Cantwell, SOIS
Dawn Hollenbeck, COSGary Cole, CHST
Matt Lynn, NTIDMary Ann Donato, CET
Matt Marshall, KGCOERachel Flaherty, ODI
Sean Sutton, COLA

TJ Sanger, NTID

John Ward, SCBRosanne Klingler, COS
 Hillary McCormick, KGCOE
 Kathleen Schreier Rudgers, GCCIS

Kristen Simmons, COLA

 Rose Thomas, SCB

The Starfish platform is managed by the Division of Academic Affairs, and is co-led by the Office of the Registrar and the University Advising Office in partnership with the divisions of Student Affairs and Diversity and Inclusion.


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