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There are many communications to faculty, staff, and students within the Starfish system. These communications are system-generated when flags are raised via a progress report or the "Raise Flag" function.  Each aspect identified as a concern will generate its own standardized email directly to the student. If a comment is added at the time the report is completed or when using the "Raise Flag" function, it is included as an "Instructor Comments" in the system-generated email.  If comments are not added, then the "Instructor Comments" section is not included in the email.

Communications to Student:

Communications to Instructors:

*Please note the content of this announcement and subsequent reminder e-mails may change.

Communications to Primary Academic Advisors and Support Advisors:


Sample email message sent from Starfish with notes (click image below to expand)

Communication Matrix (click image below to expand):
The chart below shows the functionality a user has within the system, as well as what communications each user will receive based on their connection to a student. 

(Updated 5-2-2018)


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