What is a Student Response System (SRS)?

Student Response Systems or as they are referred to at RIT, "clickers" are wireless keypads that can be used to gauge the level of understanding from a large audience within seconds. The Instructor creates question slides within a normal PowerPoint presentation, on a web page, with myCourses, or just asks the question out loud to the class. The students can use their keypad to "click in" with their answer or opinion. Once everyone has responded the results of the class will appear on screen in a bar graph.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Ability to actively engage the students during the entire class period, through survey, pretest, practice, or review questions. This encourages students to come to class prepared.
  • Gauge the level of understanding of the material being presented,
  • Provide prompt feedback when dealing with 50 to 1000 students at a time
  • Track responses to an individual student for grading, attendance and immediate assessment
  • Promote collaboration with group exercises that require students to discuss and come to a consensus, or with quiz questions that create a healthy competition
  • Increase communication by discussing the answers and opinions revealed in the SRS results.
  • Collect data for research or formative/summative evaluations

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iClicker classic will be no longer be supported on December 18th, 2023. Instructors will need to switch to iClicker Cloud. 

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iClicker is a vendor supported technology

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