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  1. Question:

    According to Skrtic, how are the needs of gifted students comparable to the needs of students with disabilities?


    Gifted students are often not served well by traditional schools, because their academic levels and needs are not comparable with their chronological grade and subject levels. Just as students with disabilities, students who are gifted may be placed into ‘special’ programs. Those ‘special’ programs, although with prestige attached to it, are often faulted for using culturally biased screening tests, and often are not diverse, as with ‘special’ programs for students with disabilities.

    (p. 72 – 73)


    Select the answer that best defines the term ‘accountability mechanisms’.


    A. Inexpensive, low stakes assessment tools developed on an individual basis.

    B. Assessment tools that are wholly driven by state and federal accountability systems.

    C. Formal and informal methods that educators use to give account for their work to those in authority, both within and outside the school.

    D. External policy mechanisms (e.g. NCLB) that require assessment of teaching efficiency.

    (p. 89)

    1. I like how you emphasize vocabulary in your second suggested quiz question! :)