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The goal of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to review standard documentation for a child classified as Deaf Plus (LD, ADHD, PDD-NOS or Multiple Disabilities) and to develop appropriate IEP statements and recommendations through the team process. This assignment simulates much of what happens in real school environments.

I have set up four "Child" pages here on the Wiki, one for each IEP case.  Each page has a documentation packet.  The documentation includes six documents:  

1. Audiological Evaluation

2. Classroom Observation

3. Educational Evaluation

4. Psychological Evaluation

5. Social History Evaluation

6. Speech/Voice/Communication Evaluation

Additionally, there is an IEP Assignment Template, which includes all IEP component areas which you must address.  It is a Word document.  Please download it, and add your IEP details to it.  We will go over this in detail in class during Week 7; For now, look over it and note where you understand what needs to be added and where you have questions.

Each of the evaluation areas will need to be addressed by your group as you develop each of the IEP components in the template (e.g., Program Modifications, Present Levels of Performance, etc.).

As a group, you may decide to each take charge of a select number of IEP areas, as you would on an IEP team, taking responsibility for making initial recommendations for those IEP topics.  Then as a team you could go over the full set of recommendations and finalize them as a group.  This would be similar to the way IEPs are team-developed by specialists in real school environments.  Of course, you may instead choose a different strategy - whatever works best for your team in order to develop the IEP statements and recommendations.

You have gotten an orientation to the IEP already in class (during the first few weeks of this quarter), and in addition you should have completed the online IEP training (see Week 5 materials/link if you need to do the training) before you start delving into this project.  Additionally, I am attaching a PowerPoint presentation used in this course last year, presented by Nancy Heaney of the Rochester School for the Deaf.

I hope everyone enjoys this assignment!


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