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  • Using Technology for Classroom Management and Parental Involvement
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Today's education setting is increasingly data-driven and a reflection of the technology that our society uses and consumes.  One way to improve classroom management and increase parent contact is using the Class Dojo interactive program.  Class Dojo is an online tool that helps teachers boost classroom management and improve student behavior while also allowing teachers to communicate behavior data with parents. Deaf + students need positive reinforcement in the classroom to properly engage and build confidence in their abilities.  Once you have created your classes and uploaded your rosters, you are ready to award feedback points to students for specific behaviors, learning habits and accomplishments. All of the avatars (student identifying characters), behaviors and awards provide students with instant feedback in a non-aggressive fashion.  The real-time tracking of behavior and skill trends allows teachers to integrate this into their classroom management non-invasively with no extra work.
The immediate feedback the program provides students with an insight and reinforcement of their responsibilities and expectations without the teacher having to labor the points over and over.  The students can reflect on their in-class performance and build positive learning habits.  If the students are able to create their own account, they are able to see their own personalized reflection of their classes.  However, the key component to all of this is the parent aspect of the program and integrating their involvement in student successes. Parents can chose to create an account or have their child's results emailed to them.  With these individualized scores, parents can see where the students are succeeding and where they may need additional practice and work.  Sharing student progress reports keeps parents informed and able to support your work in the classroom.  Increased communication between teachers and parents is key to creating a structured, nurturing yet rigorous environment for the student to succeed.

Source:Class Dojo

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