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Spring 20093 Courses

Spring Quarter 20093 course shells are available to faculty.

You will find the quarter under the Courses category in your My Courses listing.

Please remember, all new course shells are empty.

Answers to common questions you might have are in our Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I copy a previous offering in to my current course to reuse portions of it?
  • Where is my course?
    • Please contact your academic scheduling officer first to confirm you have been assigned in the Registrars records before contacting myCourses support.
  • How do I remove a course I am no longer teaching?

To merge courses please use the Course Merge Request form found on the My Home page in the right-hand column following the News.

20093 Courses Generated

Jan 25

20093 Student enrollments added

Feb 8

20093 Courses open to Students

Mar 1

20093 Classes Begin

Mar 8

Deadline for 20093 course merge requests

Mar 11