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New: Equation editor now supports MathML and LaTeX

The HTML Editor now includes additional options that enable you to input math and scientific notation in your preferred method. In addition to the Graphical Editor, you can now enter equations in MathML and LaTeX format.

You can edit equations in the format they were entered in; however, myCourses stores and displays all equations in MathML format to ensure consistency and accessibility. Users can individually choose to display equations as inline MathML or using the Java applet from their preferences found on the My Home page.

New: Navigation bars redesigned

The navigation bar redesign encompasses the presentation of the bars as well as the management tool.

Navigation bars are no longer presented in a separate frame and now take advantage of modern scripting. This allows them to scale better to user font size preferences and allows for proper viewing and use on smaller screens such as netbooks or mobile phones.

New: User time zone support

Users may now set their time zone in the Preferences to customize the time displayed on items through out myCourses. Access the setting on the My Home page under the Preferences link on the Language & Region tab.

This is only for object in myCourses such as calendar events, dropboxes, etc. It does not change the times typed as text by a user, such as in messages or in a Content file.

New: Profile pictures now included in the Classlist and Discussion messages

Edit your profiles quickly by clicking on your name in the navigation bar, or use the Profile link found on the My Home page.

Inappropriate or offensive imagery reported to support will be investigated and may be removed.

Update: Role Switch

The role switch should not "forget" your chosen role any longer. You should not see information available to your assigned role when viewing the course under another role.

Update: Release Conditions

When you define a set of release conditions on an object (i.e. a quiz) there is now an option to conditionally release the object when all or any (one or more) of the conditions are met. Previously, objects were only released once all conditions were met. There are also new criteria operators. The condition types, Score on a Quiz and Grade value on Grade Items, now include two new criteria operators: != (not equal to) and Not Between.

Update: Manage Files

Manage Files features a new, optimized user interface that handles complex file structures with fewer refreshes. Many functions are now available in a drop down menu seen by clicking on the file name. The vendor has also expanded support for Unicode file names

Update: Accessibility improvements for screen readers to enhance navigation

Bug: Course title not clickable to return to the course home

You must use the Course Home link on the navigation bar to return to the front page of the course. The vendor changes to the navigation bar took away this functionality to the course title. It has been reported and they have added a feature request to return that functionality.

Resolved: My Library link currently not working


The vendor released a hotfix to address this bug on Friday, June 4th.

This is due to a bug with custom links in the navigation bar where the course number is not being passed properly. We are hoping for a vendor fix before courses begin. If one is not provided we will be taking a work around approach with the start of Summer courses on June 7th.

In the meantime all E-Reserve materials are always available through the library catalog. Visit to search reserve materials by course number or instructor.

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