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The Student role on myCourses is now allowed to edit their own Discussion messages.

When viewing a message they authored, students will now see the Edit button in the tools at the top of the message.

When any user views an edited message, an icon will be displayed in the header next to the date ( ). Hovering your mouse pointer over this icon will show the 'Last Edit' date. We were waiting for the vendor to provide an indicator before enabling this option for the Student role as there was concerns about changes to messages being used for grading purposes.

To review the changes made on a message click on the History button in the tools at the top of the message. This will take you to a page where you will be able to review each version of the message.

Instructors may restrict editing of messages using the Locking/Read-Only restrictions available when configuring a Topic. A locked topic will not allow new posts or edits to be made by non-Staff roles. When editing a topic these restrictions will be found towards the end of the form, you may need to click on 'Show locking/Read-Only options' to expand the options. You can then lock a topic manually or set a date and time when the topic will be locked automatically which can be useful for weekly discussion topics. Remember to click the Save button to confirm any changes.

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