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myCourses 10.6 Update

myCourses was updated from version 10.3 to 10.6.4 on August 17, 2016.

Teaching and Learning Services is offering focused What’s New with myCourses sessions for faculty and staff teaching courses to learn more about this update. To view the schedule of sessions and register to reserve your seat, please visit our Events Calendar.

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This document outlines new features and updates to myCourses with the update to 10.6.4.


My Awards tool featuring Badges and Certificates | New

The new My Awards tool enables Instructors to automatically award Badges and Certificates based on release conditions, or to award or revoke them manually.

Badges can be set at a departmental level and available to all instructors in the department, or specific to a single course or instructor. To add a new badge to a course, the instructor can complete the New Award page and define the name and description of the award. In addition, the instructor can set attributes for the award type, sharing, expiry, notification, the location of the image library to use to create the badges, and Issuer information. The image library contains some default icons you can use to create badges and default templates for certificates.

After Badges and Certificates are added to the repository, Instructors can add the awards to a course. To add awards, Instructors can click the Awards link in the navbar of a course and click Add Awards to Course. Only the awards that are available to a specific course appear when the instructor clicks the button. Instructors can add certificates to a course by adding a PDF template when they create a certificate.

From within a class list, an Instructor can review the badges and certificates that have been awarded to specific Learners or to the entire class by selecting all the Learners. From this page, the Instructor can grant awards that are not tied to release condition criteria to Learners or revoke previously awarded badges or certificates. When an Instructor revokes a previously awarded badge or certificate, they must provide a reason.

Learners can see a list of the awards they have received and the available awards. Administrators can also set permissions to allow Learners to share their achievements to Mozilla BackPack or the Learner's user profile. This sharing permission is disabled by default to protect the privacy of Learners.


Content - Overdue assignments list added to Course Schedule view| New

Learners can view an actionable list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab in the Course Schedule view of the Content tool. Course activities that have a due date appear automatically in the Overdue list as soon as the due date passes. Only activities with an end date later than the due date (or no end date) appear in the list to ensure that learners have time to complete the overdue activities. Learners can access the activity directly from the list to complete it. Once the activity has been completed, it disappears from the list. When all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.

Copy Course Components

Copy Course Components - Include associated files| Update

This update makes it easier and faster for instructors to include associated files when copying components from one course to another. Previously, instructors had to use the Course Files tool as well as select content in order to copy all associated files and prevent broken links. Now, when instructors use the Include associated files feature, myCourses imports all files associated with selected course components to the new course. Users can select which content modules to copy rather than having to copy them all.

 Components offering this feature…


Overview description

Module and topic descriptions

Topic files

Question Library

Sections - messages, comments, feedback

Questions - question text, answer options, feedback, and hints


Sections - messages, comments, feedback

Questions - question text, answer options, feedback, and hints



Page header and footer

Submission view message






Forum and topic descriptions


Sections - messages, comments, feedback

Questions - question text, answer options, feedback, and hints


Submission message

Page footer

Self Assessments

Sections - messages, comments, feedback

Questions - question text, answer options, feedback, and hints

Page header and footer



Asynchronous Copy of Components | Update

In order to mitigate the risk that large courses may result in a timeout for users, the process is moving to an asynchronous workflow. Moving the selected components workflow into an asynchronous job avoids copy timeouts when you are copying large courses. You are able to start the copy process and check the progress on the History page which enables you to perform other tasks while the copy process is underway.


Score rubrics when assessing discussion posts | New

Instructors can now score associated rubrics at the same time as they are scoring the learners' topic posts.  When the feature is on, instructors can access rubrics in the Topic Score Details modal. The links to rubrics will no longer appear on the Assess Topic screen by default; rather, instructors have the option of displaying or hiding the rubric links at the top of the main grid to reveal the rubrics. Rubrics associated with a discussion topic now appear on the Topic Score Details modal. The Topic Score Details screen is available in several locations:

  • Discussions > Discussions List > Assess Topic > Topic Score
  • Discussions > Reading View of a topic > Assess Student
  • Grades > Grade Item for a topic > Submission icon
  • Grades > Grade Category for a topic > Submission icon
  • Grades > User Edit for a student > Submission icon


Turnitin LTI Integration | Postponed

We have chosen not to go forward with the new Turnitin integration due to performance concerns. It will be evaluated through Fall semester for implementation between Fall semester and Intercession.

Faculty may continue to use the Turnitin integration with the Dropbox as they previously have.

Track submissions | New

The File Submissions area of Dropbox now has a Submission Log that can be filtered to determine if and when a student submitted a file as well as whether the instructor deleted the submission.

This can be helpful to confirm the common mistake students make of uploading files, but failing to click the Submit button to complete their submission.

When the student enters the form and uploads their first file a 'Started' event is logged. If there is no subsequent 'Submitted' event, the student never clicked the Submit button to complete their submission. Unsubmitted files are not stored on the server and are deleted when the student leaves the submission form.

When the student clicks submit the following steps take place in the following order.

  1. myCourses confirms the files have been upload successfully.
  2. The files are moved from temporary storage to permanent storage for this Dropbox folder.
  3. The submission receipt is emailed out to the student.
  4. An entry is placed in the History log available to students.
  5. A 'Submitted' entry is placed in the Submission Log available to instructors.
  6. The student is told on-screen their submission was successful.

If any of the prior steps fail, the process stops. It is not possible for a student to claim they were told the submission was successful on-screen if there is no Submitted event in the Submission Log for example.

Restore Deleted Folders and Submissions | New

Instructors can now recover deleted dropbox folders and their contents, as well as submissions that were deleted individually. Deleted folders and submission must be recovered within 30 days of deletion. After that time, items are purged and can no longer be restored.

From the main Folder List, deleted folders will be listed in the Events Log found by clicking on the More Actions button. Deleted folders will be listed with a Restore button that can be clicked to recover the folder and it's contents. Depending on the number of files and the current load on the server, this work may take a few minutes to complete.

For individual submissions, the instructor may enter the folder and deleted items will be listed in the Submission Log that can be found by clicking the button at the top of the page. Deleted items will be listed with a Restore button that can be clicked to recover the submission.


Automatically set the grade item score based on a rubric score | New

When you click Save and Record in the rubric pop-up window, the Overall Score of a numeric rubric transfers automatically to the learner's grade. Click Save if you do not want to transfer a numeric rubric score to the learner's grade.

A score transfers automatically only when the rubric has an Overall Score.


Group enrollment category: Single user member-specific | New

There is a new group category type called Single user, member-specific groups. Using this group category creates a group with a single user where the first name and last name of the learner is the name of the group. When a new learner is enrolled in the course a group is automatically created for him or her. Instructors no longer have to rename groups of one.

Automatic creation of discussion topics | Update

By creating a new group category and choosing to setup group discussion topics, instructors can later add a new group because of additional learner enrollment and the associated discussion topics are automatically created. This applies to groups instructors manually create at a later date. Instructors no longer need to manually create group discussion topics if they add a new group to a group category after the initial setup.

Self Enrollment Expiry Date | New

When creating or editing a group category that supports self enrollment, a Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date option is now available.

When creating or editing a category, and when Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date is selected, the Allocate unenrolled users after Self Enrollment Expiry Date option can also be selected.

Self Enrollment Group Change | New

Learners can now leave a group after they have self enrolled if they choose to enroll into a different group. If Self Enrollment Expiry Date is set, learners cannot change groups after that date.

Terms changed | Update

When creating or editing a group category, the Enrollment Type called # of Groups of # - Self Enrollment has been changed to # of Groups, Capacity of # - Self Enrollment to clarify its usage.

Improvements to the My Courses widget | Update

A search bar has been added to the widget to enable users to quickly find the course they are looking for from long lists.

The widget now features traditional numbered paging for long lists of items in place of the previous "Load More" button.


Recover deleted News items | Update

Users can now restore deleted news items without needing to engage support.


QuickLinks tool no longer inserts http://  by default | Update

The URL field in the Quicklinks tool no longer has http:// automatically inserted to assist users in forming URLs with correct syntax. The field is now blank before you enter a URL.


Quiz attempts override for individual learners | New

Instructors can specify a different number of quiz attempts allowed for individual learners in the Special Access tab.

Ability to set multiple IP address ranges to quiz restrictions | Update

Instructors can now specify multiple IP address restrictions as ranges with the option to add multiple IP address range restrictions.

Selected quiz answers highlighted | Update

This feature impacts how selected quiz answers display while learners are taking a quiz and while instructors are previewing quiz questions in Question Library. For Multiple Choice (MC), True/False (TF), and Multi-Select (MS) quiz questions, the entire area of the selected answer(s) is now highlighted blue. Other answers that users hover over are now highlighted gray to indicate that clicking anywhere within the highlighted area will change the selected answer.

Release Conditions

NOT operator support | New

New release condition types that support the NOT operator have been added to myCourses to support or identify users who have not completed course items. The following 10 release conditions are available:

  • Incomplete checklist - Has not completed checklist: <name>
  • Incomplete checklist item - Has not completed checklist item: <name>
  • Competency not achieved - Has not achieved competency: <name>
  • Learning objective not achieved - Has not achieved learning objective: <name>
  • Content topic not visited - Has not visited content topic: <name>
  • No discussion posts authored in topic - {No threads added to discussion topic: <forum>/<topic>, No threads or replies added to discussion topic: <forum>/<thread>}
  • No submission to dropbox - Has not submitted to dropbox folder: <name>
  • No grade score - Not graded on grade item: <name>
  • No completed quiz attempt - Has not completed an attempt on the quiz <name>
  • No completed survey attempt - Has not completed an attempt on the survey <name>

User Progress

User Progress - Identify when learners access their courses | New

In the User Progress tool, instructors can now easily identify when learners access their courses. From the new Course Access indicator, instructors can view detailed course access information such as when a learner last accessed the course and the total number of days they accessed the course.

User Progress - Identify if learners download content at the topic, module, or table of contents level | New

In the User Progress tool, instructors can now identify if learners download content at the topic, module, or table of contents level. Instructors can view download metrics from the Summary and Content indicators for a specific course.