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The Dropbox tool is moving to a new name, Assignments, and the tool's features are being expanded and streamlined.


Dropbox renamed to Assignments

With the addition of new features to the Dropbox tool the LMS vendor, D2L, has chosen to rename the tool to Assignments.

We will keep the Dropbox tool name on the navigation bar in myCourses for continuity through Fall semester.

You will see references throughout myCourses to the new tool name of Assignments and a Dropbox Folder referred to simply as Assignment.

Properties page organization

In an effort to streamline the creation of assignments the properties have been organized to group them logically and provide a better flow.

The three broad groups are:

  1. Basic information related to assignments – Name, Instructions, Attachments
  2. Submission, Completion and Categorization – Assignment type, Category and Completion status
  3. Evaluation and Feedback - Grade, Rubric, and Notification setup


New assignment types

On paper submission and Observed in person assignment submission types are now available in Assignments, in addition to the Text submission added this summer. These new assignment submission types do not require users to make a file submission for them to be completed. This allows instructors to create assignments for a wide variety of activities, not just written work, and provide evaluation and feedback for these assignments.

On paper assignments are submitted directly to instructors in class, but allow evaluation and feedback to be completed in Brightspace. A presentation can also be observed in person and evaluated in Brightspace. Both new assignments can be marked as complete by learners, automatically marked as complete on their due date, or marked as complete upon evaluation by the instructor, depending on how the assignment is configured.

The properties tab interface has also been updated to simplify the work flow when creating assignments.

Anonymized learner names

To avoid unconscious bias in the grading and feedback process, instructors can now configure assignments to use anonymous learner names. When the feature is turned on, instructors can only see an anonymized learner name on the assignment submission.

This setting cannot be changed once submissions have been made to the Assignment.

A Publish All Feedback button is available at the top of the listing to allow instructors to publish all feedback for anonymous assignment submissions simultaneously.

Rubrics grading experience in Assignments

Grading with rubrics in Assignments offers an improved workflow and design that makes for an easier grading experience and is optimized for use on mobile devices.

New rubrics features include:

  • Rubrics automatically save in Draft state while updates are in progress. Rubrics in Draft state are not visible to learners until rubric feedback is published, at which time learners can view their feedback from Assignments, Content, Discussions, Grades and User Progress
  • Assignments with multiple rubrics associated now have the ability to assess rubrics individually or assess all rubrics in the same grading workflow
  • Separate rubric Total and Overall Score areas. The Total is a numeric value that is automatically calculated, and the value is populated in Grades. The Overall Score indicates level of achievement and is editable by the instructor

The new rubric grading workflow does not yet apply for group assignments. No estimate has been provided at this time from the vendor.

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