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Turnitin defaults to it's text based document requirements for Originality Checks on all folders, whether you are using Originality Check or not.

When setting up your Assignment folder that will accept documents that are not text based, such as scans or photos of mathematics for example, you need to tell Turnitin to allow any file type to be able to use Grademark with them.

The submissions still have the following file size restrictions:

  • Less than 100MB;
  • Less than 800 pages.

  1. When creating or editing the Assignment folder, enable Grademark as normal.

  2. Scroll down and click the More Options in Turnitin button.

  3. Click on Optional Settings to expand the list.

  4. Check the box to Allow submission of any file type.

  5. You can try checking the box to Save these settings for future use.
    We have had mixed reports on the success of this. You will want to confirm the expected settings are enabled when creating new Assignment folders using Grademark.

  6. Click Submit

  7. Back in myCourses finish editing the Assignment and Save.

Resubmit if changed after the fact

If this change was made after students have already submitted, you must go through the submissions and click on the Resubmit button.

Unfortunately his has to be done one by one, they do not give a bulk option. It is a quick process with Turnitin though as it is not actually reporting, reloading the web page after all are are resubmitted should show the Grademark pencil right away.

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