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Q: How do I change someone's role in my course?

An Instructor on a course can change a users role through the Classlist.

This will not override the Registrar's Feed for student enrollments or instructor assignments in the current quarter.

The user will revert back to the Student or Instructor role with the next daily feed. For assistance in these situations please contact Academic Technology Support.

Instructors wishing to preview the course access in another role will want to use the Role Switch widget found on the default course home page. If an instructor changes their role using the following method, they will lose the permission to return themselves back to an Instructor role.

  1. Check off the user(s) you wish to change in the Classlist.
  2. At the top or bottom of the list click on the Enrollment button.
  3. On the next screen change the users individually by selecting the role in the New Role column.
    For a group of users who will all have the same role you may select the role from the Set All Roles To field, then click the Set All Roles button.
  4. Click the Save button to complete your work.