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Q: How do I copy a previous course into my current course to reuse portions of it?

All new course shells are empty when created. You can copy materials from another course offering by following these instructions.

Copying a course will only copy over course materials and structure, no student information or submissions will be carried over.


You must have the Instructor, Support Staff, or Course Copy Access role on both the original course and your destination to copy a course.

If access to a course is needed, you will have to contact the original instructor of the course to add you.

If the original instructor is not available, then the Dean or Department Head of the academic department head must contact Academic Technology Support in writing at for us to grant you access. They must indicate the full course number of the course including section and include the academic term the course was offered.

This requirement is due to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations and the varying intellectual property policies across departments.

Important Notes

Please take a moment to read these tips and steps.

There is no simple way to reset a course to being empty. If you make a mistake and copy the wrong materials or make duplicates you will have to go through the course and manually delete items.

  • You start the process in the destination course, the course you wish to copy in to.
  • Make sure you are in the correct course you wish to copy in to at the start.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct course and term to copy from.
  • If you repeat the copy process in a course you will create duplicate entries in the course, except for course files.
  • Course files with the same file name will be overwritten with the materials you are copying in. The files that were replaced will be lost and are not recoverable.


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1. Copying Course Components

  1. Enter the course you wish to copy materials to, your destination. This is usually your empty course in the new term.

  2. Select 'Edit Course' from the navigation bar.

  3. On the Course Management page select 'Import/Export/Copy Components' under the 'Site Resources' category.

    Selecting the Name sort order at the top instead of the default Category sort at the top of the page will provide an alphabetical listing which may make items easier to find.

  4. On the Import/Export/Copy Components page when asked What would you like to do? select 'Copy Components from another course or shell.'
  5. Click Search for Offering.

  6. On the Select Course Offering page click the magnifying glass icon to list all of the courses you have access to. You can enter the course code in the search bar to narrow down the results further.

    You can narrow down your choices by typing the term code or part of a course number into the Search field at the top of the listing and clicking the 'Search' button.

    In this example I would searching for all of my BIOL courses in term 2151.

  7. Click the circle next to the course offering you wish to copy from.

  8. Click the 'Add Selected' button at the bottom of the page.


  9. You will return to the Copy Course Components page.



Now follow the instructions below for either Copying All Components or Copying Selected Components.


1.1. Copying All Components

If you want to copy everything from the selected course into the current course follow these steps after selecting your course.

  1. Review your selections before you continue.
    1. Are you in the correct course that you wish to copy to?
    2. Did you select the right course and academic term to copy from?
    3. If you are unsure stop and go back to review your choices.

  2. Click the Copy All Components button. The course will beginning copying immediately.

After it has finished click Copy Another Package to get more content from another course shell, or click Go to Content to view the Content tool of the current course.

1.2. Copying Selected Components

If you only want to copy some selected materials from in to the current course follow these steps after selecting your course.

  1. Click the Select Components button.

  2. Click the check-boxes to select the components you wish to copy.

    Include Course Files

    If you did not use 'Select All Components' and checked off individual components, please keep in mind you must also select Course Files in almost every case.

    • If you select Content, you must also select Course Files.
    • The Course Files component may also be required for other components if they used embedded images or attachments, including but not limited to quiz questions or discussions.
    • Failure to copy Course Files will result in broken links and error messages that files cannot be found.
    1. If you only want to copy some items from a tool and not all items, click Select Individual Items to Copy under that component's heading.


  3. Click Continue at the bottom of the list.
    1. If you used the option to Select individual items to copy, you will now step through each tool you selected. You may need to use the Expand All link to view the entire list.

    2. Check off the individual items you wish to copy.
    3. Click Continue

  4. You will be shown a confirmation screen of the work that will take place, please review your work before you continue. Click Go Back if you need to make changes, otherwise click Finish to begin the copy.
    1. Are you in the correct course that you wish to copy to?
    2. Did you select the right course and academic term to copy from?
    3. If you are unsure stop and go back to review your choices.

    You may now click on the course title in the navigation bar to browse your course with the newly copied components.

2. Errors during copying

myCourses will not complete the copy of a course if there are errors in Content. Usually this is due to a file missing for a Content topic.

2.1. Identifying broken topics

  1. Go to the source, the course you are copying from.

  2. Go to Content.

  3. Click on the Table of Contents heading in the left-hand column to view the Table of Contents all at once.

  4. Browse through the listing looking for the broken topic icon of a broken chain link with a red exclamation point.

  5. You will have to fix the topic or delete it.

2.2. Fixing a broken topic

You can see if the file associated to the topic was moved or renamed, or upload the missing file in to myCourses again.

  1. Click on the name of the topic from the Table of Contents to view the topic. You will see an error notice stating: The file associated with this content topic cannot be found.

  2. To see if the file is still on myCourses click the Choose Existing button. You can then browse the Manage Files are of your course to select an existing file.

  3. If the file cannot be found you can upload a replacement using drag and drop in to the specified area, or by clicking the Upload button.

2.3. Deleting a topic

If you chose not to fix a broken topic it must be deleted for the course copy to work.

To delete a topic click the action menu arrow  next to the title of the topic and choose Delete Topic.

2.4. Completing a copy after fixing broken Content

Our recommendation is to delete all items in the Content tool from the course you were copying to and copy the course again. This ensure no duplicate materials are accidentally created in Content.

  1. Go to the destination course you were working in, the course you were copying to.

  2. Click on the Table of Contents heading in the left-hand column.

  3. In the center column of the Content area click the action menu arrow  next to the Table of Contents heading and select Delete All Modules.

  4. Select: Remove all modules and topics from Content but keep all associated files and activities in the course.

  5. Click Delete.

You will then follow the instructions above for Copying Components. You will follow the option to Copy Select Components, then ONLY select Content and Course Files.