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Q: How do I embed a database search from the RIT Libraries into my course?

With a number of the RIT Libraries Database resources you will see the Embed option listed on some pages. You can embed these resources in to your myCourses course as a Content Topic.

  1. Select and copy the Javascript Widget code provided on the RIT Libraries: Embed page.
  2. Go to the Content menu of your course on myCourses.
  3. In the column on the left, click the name of the Module you want to place the topic in.
  4. Click the blue New button.
  5. Select Create a File.
  6. Give it an appropriate Title.
  7. In the editor click on the Insert Stuff button in the upper left of the editor.
  8. In the new window click on Enter Embed Code.
  9. Paste the Javascript Widget code you copied earlier into the Embed Code field.
  10. Click the Next button, then the Insert button. The editor may appear to be empty, but your code will display properly when the topic is viewed.
  11. Click the Publish button at the bottom of the page (or the Update button if you are editing an existing Topic).