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Embedding Ensemble Video Code

Step 1: Log in to myCourses and go to the Content section of your course.

Step 2: Select a Module from the list on the left or add a new Module by typing the name for the module in the Add a module... box at the bottom of the column.

Here is an example of adding a Module:



Step 3: In the module, click on the New menu and then select Create a File:

Step 4: Enter a title for the document and click the Insert Stuff button in the HTML/text editor:

Step 5: A pane will appear. Select the "Enter Embed Code" option on the left, then paste the provided embed code in the box. Click the Next button.

Step 6: Click Insert to continue. The pane will close. The preview will be blank.

Step 7: Now click Publish beneath the HTML/text editor. The document will remain blank.

Step 8: Your list of videos will appear:

NTID Faculty
Steps for getting started with video captioning and hosting
  1. NTID faculty new to the captioning and video hosting process at RIT should email:

  2. You will receive detailed instructions for uploading your videos to the Ensemble Video Server

  3. Follow the instructions you received to upload your videos

  4. Send an email to to notify the staff that our videos are ready for processing ( we do not receive any auto alert that videos were uploaded to the system, we rely upon your email to notify us)
  5. You will receive a final email with your video embed code, then follow the instructions on the left.
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