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Faculty - Emailing Students from the Classlist

The following methods will take you to a compose message window where you may enter the subject and message into the appropriate fields.

Entire class

From the All tab, click Email Classlist on this tab on the grey toolbar to the top of the page.

An individual

Click on the user's name in the Classlist.

Select users

  1. Check off the users you wish to email.
  2. Click the Email Selected  icon at the top or bottom of the listing.

Groups and Sections

  1. From the All tab, choose Groups or Sections from the View by drop-down menu at the top of the listing. Click Apply.

  2. The menu will change to list the groups or sections of the course. Make your selection from the menu and click Apply.
  3. Click the checkbox at the left hand side of the page at the top of the list of names.
  4. Then click the Email Selected button at the top or bottom of the list.


Attaching items to an email

  1. To attach items, use the Upload or Choose File button to select the document from your computer.


  2. Drag and drop files into the box at the bottom of the Compose Message dialog.

  3. When you are done, click the Send button.

Email and myCourses

You will not receive email on myCourses. You will receive your email with your regular RIT email.

No email history is saved on myCourses. If you need an archive of your sent messages, you will need to include yourself as a recipient on your messages.