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Help us promote feature requests submitted by and of interest to the RIT community.

Please take a moment to read about feature requests and make an account with the D2L Community so you can vote on ideas to help bring them to the vendor's attention for consideration! Every vote counts and helps advance our interests!

If you have submitted a feature request to D2L, provide the title and the link for your idea in an email to Academic Technology Support and we will add it here.

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Implemented by Vendor

ToolFeature RequestImplemented
ContentDaylight - Content - file type icons (D3333)


Role SwitchDaylight - Role switch- let the layout go back to what it was before (D3827)4/2018

Daylight - Ability to customize colors for things like buttons and links to better express our brand

Vendor allowed for navigation bar color, no plans for button and link customization.


Blind Grading option (D172)

Vendor added Anonymous Marking option.


Not force file submission in dropbox (D135)

Vendor added Submission Type options on Folders to allow different assignment scenarios.

Edit CourseManage Dates tool should manage ALL dates. (D227)7/2018

Question Stats on Randomized Questions (D2537)


Not Planned by Vendor

Ideas marked as Not Planned by vendor.

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