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Films On Demand is a streaming platform for educational film and videos licensed through the RIT Libraries.

You can browse and search the Films of Demand collection using their website. This can provide a more comfortable view of the collection to perform your initial searches over the search provided through the myCourses integration.

The use of third-party integrations in courses is at the discretion of the instructor with the understanding that many of these of these tools have support and documentation provided by their publisher, not RIT's Academic Technology Support. Most third-party integrations are not actively monitored RIT's Academic Technology Support and may be subject to unexpected changes or service interruptions from their publishers. Please refer to the documentation below for information specific to this integration.


Technical Support Contacts

Films On Demand Support

Questions about Films On Demand, it's use, and the collection can be directed to Linette Koren in the RIT Libraries.

myCourses Integration Support

Academic Technology Support can assist instructors with inserting videos in to their courses on myCourses.

Inserting Videos in to your Course

Videos from Films On Demand can be added to myCourses anywhere you work with the text editor. This means you can include videos in Content, Announcements, Discussions, Quizzes, and more.

In Content you access the editor by going to the module you wish to add a topic to, then click on the New button and select Create a File.

To insert a video in to the text editor take the following steps:

  1. Click where you wish to insert the video in to your text. You may include text before or after the video in your document, the document doesn't have to be a video alone.

  2. On the toolbar of the editor click the Insert Stuff button.
    insert stuff has play pause record stop icon

  3. In the Insert Stuff dialog box scroll down and Select Films on Demand.

  4. Use the search field to search for a title, keyword, or phrase.

    Closed Captions

    At this time these results do not indicate the availability of closed captioning nor do they allow you to filter for videos that include closed captions. Accessing Films on Demand directly at the address shared at the top of this page allows you to easily search for Closed Captioned content using a checkbox in their Advanced Search.

    You can use the Preview button in the search results to preview the video and confirm that a CC button is presented on the player indicating Closed Captions are available. Use the Back to Search results link to return to the listing, as the the Back bottom at the bottom of the page will return you to start of the process.

  5. Once you've chosen a title, click the Embed button to the right of the title and then select Embed Small, Embed Medium, or Embed Large.

    The embed size is only the size of the base player and the preview, any embed allows a viewer to choose to watch the video at full screen.

  6. You will be shown a preview of the embed, click the Insert button to continue.

  7. You will now be back in the text editor. You can continue working on the document or click the Save button to save your work.

Allowing External Content

The first time a user views external content on myCourses from Films on Demand they must click the Allow button to view it. This is a one-time security measure as long as they leave the "Always trust this URL" box checked. If the user switches to a different web browser, computer, or device they will be asked once again for permission.

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