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Q: How can I view the course as as student?

A "View as" tool can be found on myCourses once you have logged in by clicking on your name on the navigation bar. You can select any role with access lower than your current role in the course. If the View As option is not for the role you desire, click the Change link to select a different role.

This will place you as a generic user with that role in the course. This generic role is not actually enrolled in the course so there are some limitations.


Cannot view Individuals' Grades, Quizzes, Surveys, or Self Assessments as a Student or other role.
Each of those tools offers a preview functionality instead. Refer to that tool's documentation for details on how to Preview.

Unable to be added to Groups. Will not be able to preview group tools or group restrictions.

While using View As your name and user icon in the navigation bar will change to indicate the role change.

To exit the View As role change click your name in the navigation bar and click the X to the right of the Viewing as... menu item.

If you logout of myCourses or close your web browser window you will return you your default role in the course.