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Vendor System Status

A live system status and a 90-day record of incidents is available for view from the vendor at:

RIT Specific Status

Stay current with myCourses system status, performance, security, and scheduled maintenance updates via the News on the My Home page of myCourses and the Twitter feed @RIT_myCourses streaming live below.

How to stay up to date with myCourses

System Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

All myCourses services and related websites may be unavailable for use during scheduled maintenance times. Due to the set schedule for this work, these maintenance periods are not announced beyond this notice.

Times for these scheduled maintenance windows are the third Thursday of each month starting at 9:00pm Eastern Time until it completes.

  • Instructors are encouraged to set assignment due dates that avoid these scheduled maintenance windows.

  • Students are encouraged to avoid submitting work or taking quizzes during these maintenance windows.

Additional Maintenance and Downtime

Any planned downtime for maintenance outside of the scheduled maintenance will be announced in the Announcements on the My Home page and through @RIT_myCourses on Twitter.

All efforts are made to perform additional maintenance and updates during the breaks of the main regular academic session of the semesters. Emergency maintenance and security concerns may require immediate action with limited notice.

Unexpected downtime will be reported in the Announcements on the My Home page and through @RIT_myCourses on Twitter.

Related Services

Some myCourses activities rely on services outside of the myCourses environment. You can monitor some of these additional services using the following resources.

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