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Welcome to the Research Computing Wiki. Here you will find all of our documentation and a more technical, in-depth look at our computing resources. You can also visit our new, official Research Computing website.


Our mission is to foster research at RIT by partnering with researchers to support advanced research technology resources in computation, collaboration, and community building among RIT research faculty, staff and students. Our guiding principles are communication, collaboration, and service. We aim to know the researchers, their research, and their needs. We want to involve researchers in our planning process and communicate our capabilities and vision to researchers. 


Our goals are to help researchers help themselves, collaborate on research projects, develop innovative technologies, provide core resources, and build a research user community.


Guiding researchers in using research computing resources. Including the identification of resource requirements, writing grant proposals, and utilizing collected data


View live and online resources to learn how to use the resources and services Research Computing offers.


View our computing resources including high performance computers and applications to optimize the collection and analysis of data.


Get in contact with Research Computing and learn where we're located.


Some additional information about the "new" RC Cluster (SPORC) can be found here: SPORC - Overview

If you are new to Research Computing or have not yet completed the questionnaire, please do so here.

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