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  • Transferring Files to and from RC Systems
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Soon we will be using Globus for file transferring, but until then use the following instructions.

Linux and Mac

If you use Linux or Mac can use the scp command to copy files from your account on the computer you are using for research to your personal computer or vice versa. To do so on your computer type:

scp ~/fileDirectory/

To copy a whole directory of work to your Research Computing computer use the -r option

scp -r ~/fileDirectory/

To do the reverse and copy file to your computer:

scp -r


FileZilla allows for transfers between host computers and remote computers and is free to use for all platforms.

You can download FileZilla Here

To use Filezilla, first open it and then follow the steps below:

  1. Enter s into the "Host" option
  2. Add your RIT username and password in their respective fields and hit the Enter Key
  3. If connection is successful, the remote desktop's directory will appear in the large box on the left
  4. Find files that want to be transferred by traversing through the directories.
  5. Drag the Files from the computer they are in, into the computer you are transferring to.
  6. Wait for the transfer to complete

Example FileZilla window

If there are any further questions, or there is an issue with the documentation, please contact for additional assistance.