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Team Description

We launch rockets (duh)

Mission Statement

The RIT Launch Initiative is a student run organization aiming to encourage rocketry research and development, with the goal of successfully launching a liquid fueled rocket past the Kármán Line.

Team Calendar

Naming Pages

The RIT Launch Initiative wiki exists on a single Confluence space which means that all page names must be unique. This leads to issues when pages are given more generic names.

For example, don't name you page Avionics, come up with a more unique name like Level 1 Avionics - 2021. The name Avionics may make sense in the context of where it is in the wiki, but then no one else can use that name.

Launch Gets a Wiki

Launch Initiative will now have a Confluence wiki hosted on The goal is for the space to contain documentation, organization/meetings, knowledge share, and any helpful information for members of the team to reference. Rather than have documentation scattered around Google drive, local machines, and random presentations the wiki is a centralized place to organize all of the information in a way that is easy for anyone to access.

Can't Edit?

If this is your first time on the wiki you may not have editing privileges yet! To gain editing privileges you must first sign in with your RIT account and send an email containing your wiki username and your full name from your RIT email. Getting privileges will not be instant but the executive board will do the best they can to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

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