RIT will be permanently shutting down the RIT Wiki (Confluence) on February 2, 2024. The vendor (Atlassian) will no longer offer the product RIT uses. RIT already supports multiple other tools that allow for collaborative editing, website creation, and other wiki-like features, so a new wiki tool will not be purchased.


Who is responsible for moving content to another tool?

The owner of the content or the administrator of the space is responsible for determining what content needs to be preserved and moving the content to the tool of their choice. RIT Academic Technology Support will not migrate content. There is no automated migration tool available.

After moving their content, content owners/space admins should provide redirect links or other communication to viewers of their wiki spaces so that viewers know where the content has been moved to. Once you no longer need the space, request that the wiki space be removed (decommissioned). Decommissioning inactive, unused wiki spaces will assist the ITS and CTL project teams to determine who still need to be contacted about their wiki spaces.

How can I find a list of my spaces or content that I created or own?

The below process shows all pages you have created, edited, or commented on.

  1. Sign into https://wiki.rit.edu/.
  2. Click the search box located at the top right-hand corner of every screen.
  3. From the side filters, click Contributor. Click the checkbox next to your name.
  4. From the side filters, click Type. Click the checkboxes for Page and/or space.
  5. Adjust any other filters, as needed. Click Advanced Search for a full page view of results.

On the main https://wiki.rit.edu/ homepage, you can also view a list of Recently Worked On items.

How can I find out who is admin on a space I need to export or move?

From the bottom of the sidebar, click Space tools and select Overview. People with admin access are listed in alphabetical order. Many of the people listed in the admin section are RIT Academic Technology support personnel. Look for names of your colleagues.

If you are unable to determine the admin on a space, contact Academic Technology Support.

What if I have a demonstrated business need to keep wiki information in Confluence?

ITS is identifying the wiki spaces to be migrated to a temporary solution of Confluence Cloud Wiki to cover use cases such as:

  • Some employees (including co-ops and student employees) heavily rely on the wiki to perform daily operations within some academic and administrative departments.
  • Some colleges leverage the wiki to share general college-specific information with their students.
  • Many wiki users only access content that is created and maintained by ITS.

Confluence Cloud Wiki is expected to be in place for approximately 12 to 18 months while a university information management strategy is developed and the technology used to support it is finalized. It is expected that spaces that move to Confluence Cloud Wiki will need to migrate to a different solution after 12-18 months. The cutover to Confluence Cloud Wiki is slated to occur in January 2024.

If you believe your wiki space falls into these use cases, contact the ITS Project Management Office at pmo@rit.edu to discuss solutions.

What should I do if I no longer need a wiki space that I am an admin for?

If your wiki space is no longer being maintained or accessed, request that the wiki space be removed (decommissioned).

Decommissioning inactive, unused wiki spaces will assist the ITS and CTL project teams to determine who still need to be contacted about their wiki spaces.

When is the last day I can edit an existing wiki page or space?

December 21, 2023. After this date, the RIT Wiki will be converted to “view only” but content can still be exported. 

When is the last day I can export content out of an existing wiki space?

February 1, 2024. After this date, the RIT Wiki will be shut down permanently.

Can I access a view-only copy of my content after February 2, 2024?

No. Content owners/space admins must export or move any content they want to retain.

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