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Faculty and staff can activate their personal wiki space without completing a wiki request form. A personal space can act as a practice space to learn the wiki or try things out, or other activities such as housing your research or manage personal projects.

A personal space should not be used for course-related activities, you should request a Course Wiki space using the Wiki Request Overview found on the

Activating Your Personal Space

Only faculty and staff accounts can activate personal wiki spaces.

  1. Log in to the wiki using the Login link at the top right.

  2. Click your user portrait at top right of the screen which replaced the Login link, then choose Add Personal Space...

  3. Indicate whether your space should be private or not. A private space will be visible only to you. If you do not make it private, the space will have the default space permissions. Note that you can change these settings again later. You will have space administrator permissions on your space.

  4. Choose Create.

  5. The homepage of your new space will appear.

After adding your personal space, you can access it from the user portrait on any page of the wiki by selecting the Personal Space link from the menu.