Notice - Wiki Shutdown February, 2024

RIT will permanently shut down the RIT Wiki (Confluence wiki) on February 2, 2024. Review the Wiki Shut Down Overview for information on alternative tools, exporting content from the wiki, and other FAQs.

Key Dates

  • Now though February 1, 2024 =  Content owners/space admins are responsible for determining what content needs to be preserved, exporting content, and moving it to the tool of their choice.
  • December 22, 2023 = The RIT Wiki will be converted to "view only". Content can still be exported by space administrators and others who were given export permissions.
  • February 2, 2024 = The RIT Wiki will be permanently shut down.

What is the RIT Wiki?

The RIT wiki is a collection of collaborative websites built using Confluence. Wikis can contain text and multimedia, table of contents, tags, and page styling. Examples of course-related wikis include e-portfolios, group projects, and student-generated class resources (e.g. study guides, glossaries). Peer review can be facilitated through commenting features.

Vendor Documentation

The primary documentation for the wiki is provided by the wiki vendor: Confluence 7.16 Documentation

Please ensure you are reviewing the documentation for the version number noted above. The vendor indicates the version at the top of each page while viewing.

The vendor documentation may list features or settings not available at RIT. If you have any questions please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning for clarification.

In addition, this wiki space includes resources about using the RIT wiki in a classroom context, how to get started with your wiki space, best practices, frequently asked questions, and more. Use the table of contents navigation to the left or the search box below.

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