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  • Model - 1830
  • The AMRAY 1830 SEM is a high resolution microscope which uses a LaB6 source. It features a 5 axis stage for sample inspection which allows tilt and rotation.
  • Samples generally must be conductive in order to obtain a good image. The Denton Sputter sputter unit is typically used to give thin gold coatings on samples such a photoresist.

  • The AMRAY 1830 SEM has several very useful features such as a line scan mode, slow scan modes, 2 image buffer modes to integrate the image and reduce noise, and a low pass filter. Typical conditions used for imaging vary with material to be imaged.
Working Distance
  • Working distance is defined as the vertical distance from the bottom of the final lens aperture to the sample. The choice of working distance is optimized for a given accelerating potential. Higher potentials can produce high resolution images but will charge non-conductive samples.


Tool & Process Information

Manuals & Users

Amray 1830 SEM Manual

Amray 1830 SEM Certification Checklist


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