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Plasma / Reactive Ion Etch

LAM 4600 Al Etcher

  • Used for dry etching of aluminum metal layers

LAM 490 AutoEtch

  • Used for plasma etching of silicon and silicon nitride

Trion Etcher

  • Used for reactive ion etching of silicon oxide

AME P5000 Chamber C

  • Used for reactive ion etching of silicon dioxide

Oxygen Plasma Strippers

GaSonics Aura 1000 Asher

  • Used for downstream oxygen plasma stripping of photoresist on contamination threat wafers

Other Etchers

Xactic XeF2 Etcher

  • Used for surface release etching silicon

STS ASE Deep Si Etcher

  • Used for deep anisotropic etches of SI


Other Information

Dry Etch Process Information

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