• The GCA stepper is a 5x stepper with environmental control.
    • Uses 5" x 5" x 0.09" soda lime photomasks.
    • Features on the photomask are reduced 5x down to the printed feature size.
    • Excellent tool for larger feature sizes.
    • Capable of features down to 1um in size
    • Capable of 0.35um pattern overlay
    • Field size of 20x20mm
    • Numerical aperture of 0.28
  • It is configured for 100mm and 150mm wafers and uses the mercury g-line 436nm for exposure.
    • This system uses "pucks" to hold the wafers. Different pucks could be made for other substrate sizes.
  • It has a larger depth of field and is useful for exposures over higher substrate topography - as can be found in MEMs devices


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