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  • SiO2 etching may be done in a variety of chemical etchants found in the lab, as outlined below.
  • Custom mixtures are labeled with the name of the owner and may contain process contaminants.  Please contact owner before use.
  • Tanks that are not labeled with an owner are available for general use.
  • All wafers should be rinsed for 5 minutes before going into the rinser/dryer.
  • Do not add water to any of the tanks.  Contact a staff member to top off or change a tank.
  • Always verify etch rates before use.


10:1 Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE)General purpose oxide etching and removal

10:1 Buffered Oxide Etch with Surfactant

Oxide etching of smaller features
5.2:1 Buffered Oxide EtchOxide etching when a faster etch rate is desired
Pad Etch

Used to etch oxide that has been deposited over

aluminum.  Etches aluminum at a reduced rate.

50:1 HF

Used as part of an RCA Clean to remove trace

amounts of oxide.

Custom mixContact owner.
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