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SMFL Standard Operating Procedures

All of the SMFL procedures are contained within one document titled SMFL Standard Operating Procedures

  • The sections below summarized specific areas found within this document

How to start a project

How to get Safety Training

How to get certified on a tool

  • Most tools in the cleanroom are on the SMFL cardswipe system
  • These tools require specific training and certification by an SMFL staff member before users will be enabled on the tool.
    • Check the tool pages to find the process or equipment engineer that will certify you on the tool.
    • Coordinate with the SMFL personal on a mutually agreeable time for your certification lab practical.
  • The SMFL tool certification process can be found here in the SMFL SOP Document
  • User Certification Form (pdf)
  • Note - you have to be enabled on some project/class account to use a tool in the SMFL.

How to bring your own chemistry into the SMFL

SMFL Off Hours Policy

  • Off hours access is a privilege granted to users at the discretion of the SMFL management.
  • Access is granted based on observations of the candidate’s maturity and technical knowledge as demonstrated by their work in the SMFL over an extended period.
  • A full description of the Off Hours process can be found here in the SMFL SOP Document
  • Off-Hours Access Form (pdf)

How do users reserve tools

  • Most tools in the SMFL are on the SMFL Tool Reservation System
  • Need to get in the reservation system?
  • Internal Users - Send an email to Thomas Grimsley with your DCE username. You will log in with your DCE account.
  • External Users - Send an email to Thomas Grimsley requesting an account name and password

Forms used in the SMFL

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