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Chemical Training

Chemical training is a separate module from Researcher Training.  It covers chemical work in the SMFL from cradle to grave with a focus on handling and safety..

It's format is similar to Researcher Training. Users will be instructed in the SMFL and then tested on their knowledge.  

It is recommended that people attempting this have previous chemical lab experience or have been actively processing in the SMFL

  • Working in the wet etch bays is not a given.  Users will need to prove their mastery of basic chemical concepts, safety and hygiene.   

Once users pass the test, their badges will be updated to enable them to work in the Wet Etch Bays (either on a dedicated bench, or at a manual bench) 


The schedule for the (red star) Chemical Training is found here   

(green star) Sign up here - you must sign up for a session

The material covered in this training is all reflected in the SMFL Standard Operating Procedures.

Here is an outline of what you will be expected to know.




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