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Need to get in the reservation system?


Rules for Tool Reservation  - Before COVID - See Updated Policies Please

1. Reservations are good for 15 minutes beyond your start time, after that the tool is open for walk-up use.

  • Labs are the only exception to this.
  • Check with the lab instructor to see if the tool is available.

2. Classes have priority for tool reservations except for research tools.

  • Your reservation may be bumped for a class.
  • You will be notified beforehand if a class will conflict with your reservation.

3. Equipment in use tags must still be used by all users in addition to your reservation.

4. Tools can not be reserved more than one week in advance without clearance. Labs are exempted from this

5. Reserving tools off hours is restricted to those users that possess off hours access only.

6. Some tools have specific restrictions on reservations

7. Please delete your tool reservation if you are not able to use the tool

Reservation Links by Area

Tools in Room 2710 - Trion Phantom RIE, Trion ICP RIE, PE4400 Sputter, CVC601 Sputter, LAM490 Plasma Etcher

Tools in room 2720 - Tencor P2, Rion Minilok RIE, STS Deep Si Etcher, Plasmatherm Cl ICP Etcher, CHA Al Evap, CVC Thermal Evap, CHA Ebeam Evap

Tools In Room 2730 - Trion Apollo Asher, Nanospec, CEE Coating/HMDS Station, Suss MA56 Aligner, CEE Coater, SVG Track #1, GCA Stepper, Inspection Station

Tools in Room 2740 - SCS Coater, Wet Bench Manual #3, Wet Bench HF, Wet Bench MOS RCA, Wet Bench Ultrasonic, CEE Developer, Wet Bench Manual #1

Tools in Room 2750 - Linewidth Microscope, Suss MA150 Aligner, Inspection Microscope, Nanospec, Prometrix SM300, SVG Track #2, ASML Stepper

Tools in Room 2760 - Wet Bench Hot Phos/Nitride, Wet Bench Manual #4, Wet Bench Al Etch/PR Strip, Wet Bench Manual #2 w/ Hot Pot, SRD #2, Wet Bench General RCA

Tools in Room 2770 - Ion Implanter, LPCVD Tubes, NPRL Furnace, Wyko Profilometer, VASE Ellipsometer, CDE Res Map, Bruce Tubes 5-8, Bruce Tubes 1-4, P5000

Tools in Room 2810 - NPRL Deposition Tools, Manual Mapper, LEO SEM

Tools in NYSTAR Room 2140 - Heidelberg Writer, ALD

Need to get in the reservation system?



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