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This table is intended to be a relative comparison of etch rates.  Etch rates will vary and should be verified before use.

Etch Rates in Å/min10:1 BOE @20.7°C10:1 BOE w/surf @20.7°C5.2:1 BOE @20.6°C20:1 Slope Etch @20.6°C50:1 HF @20.3°C16:3:3 Pad Etch @20.4°C20% KOH @75°CPhosphoric Acid @163°C16:1:1:2 Aluminum Etch @39.4°CFreckle Etch @20.7°C
Thermal Oxide5325821298319118623231311
Low Temperature Oxide @425°C


TEOS @390°C117516323898648465176512511669
Factory Nitride @810°C191525122223<1510<1
Stochiometric Nitride @800°C921471214<14612
Low Pressure Nitride @800°C11916101213<14611
Plasma Nitride- Conventional @400°C2725378<117512825760<1168
(100) Siliconnananananana5942nanana
Aluminum/1% Si-CVC601529na5244731466594nana2640247
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