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    • Uploading to YouTube will require a YouTube channel which can easily be created.
    • When uploading your video make sure you set it to be unlisted; this will prevent it from appearing in a google search or the YouTube directory. DO NOT make your video private.
    • When recording, present as if you were speaking before a live audience. This means that you Stand up (if you are able-bodied) and capture your entire self in the frame. You may not hide your speech notes out of the view of the camera and read from them (you may use notes, but they must be visible in your video). Examples of unacceptable forms of delivery are reading your speech from a computer screen or reading from some form of cue cards hidden from view of the camera. Using these unacceptable forms of delivering your speech produced marked differences in physical and vocal delivery. Speech videos must be uploaded in unedited or “raw” form. Video editing to correct for errors or latencies in speech is strictly prohibited.


STEP THREE: Copy the URL of your YouTube video

1) In order to share your video you next need to copy the URL. To do this, click the Share link under the video, then copy the URL.

STEP FOUR: Create a GoReact account and link your YouTube URL

1) Click on the GoReact URL that is unique to this course:

2) Create an account using your RIT email.

3) Open the activity created for this assignment (the first assignment is the Introductory Speech).

4) Click the + Upload button. Then, enter a Title for your video and paste your YouTube URL in the Video File box and click Save

Note: DO NOT record or upload video files directly to GoReact,  ONLY link YouTube URLs.

What will happen next?


Note: If you use ASL, your video will be voiced over and captioned.

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