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You may either use an SSH client or Remote Desktop (RDP) client to connect to , the Research Computing Cluster Job Submission Node. When prompted for credentials, please use your RIT username and password.

Check the full article articles on SSH and RDP if it is your first time working with remote systems. For more information on how to move files between your RC Home Directory and another machine, please see Remote File Access.


Using a SLURM Batch File (sbatch)

 This is the preferred method for creating work for the Research Computing Cluster. An SBATCH file consists of some commands telling SLURM what resources you need, followed by the Linux commands necessary to perform the requested work. Here you can tell SLURM how many cores (CPU) you need and how much memory (RAM), as well as how long to let your job run before it has taken too long. This file can then be run using the "sbatch" command to submit it to the SLURM Queue.