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  1. Access Starfish through: 
    1. myCourses by clicking the Starfish button or the hyperlink
    2. SIS by clicking the Starfish button in your faculty center  Starfish tile on the Teaching, Advising & Support page
  2. From the Starfish homepage, click the navigation Menu in the upper left corner of the screen
      1. Click the arrow next to the word students to display a drop-down menu
      2. Select My Students
  3. From My Students or the Student Folder you can manually raise a flag or kudo at any point during the term
  4. From My Students, select the student(s) to receive a Flag or Kudo by checking the box next to their name
  5. From the navigation bar, select Flag or Kudo 
  6. Select the appropriate tracking item (area of concern or recognition) from the dropdown menu
  7. Add comments, addressing them to the student, these comments will be sent to the student in an automated email (you can see sample emails on the Starfish Communications page) 
  8. Select the related course from the Course Context dropdown menu

  9. Click Save to submit and the appropriate communication will be sent to the student