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  1. In the My Courses listing on the Home page of myCourses, click the folder tab for the Semester.
    The semesters are arranged in descending order. The most recent semester you hav have classes in will be tot he to the left following the All tab.

    We have an article explaining RIT Semester Codes, to help understand what these codes represent.

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Pin courses to the top of the listing


  • Students do not have access to courses until one week before the first day of classes.
  • If it has been one day since your enrollment and the course is not on myCourses, first confirm you can see the course on your record in the Student Information System.
    • If you can confirm it is on SIS then contact Academic Technology Support to get it added to myCourses.
    • If the course is not in SIS then you will need to contact your academic
    • adviser or the Registrar's Office for assistance with your enrollment.
  • Courses may merged with other sections or courses by the Instructor. The course may not be named as you expect due to the merging of course numbers or differing course titles, so double check all of your courses for that semester.
  • Instructors have the ability to make a course inactive which will remove it from student view. You may be enrolled but the instructor may be hiding a course while work is being done.
  • Courses may also be merged with other sections or courses by the Instructor so they may not be named as you expect due to the merging of course numbers or differing course titles.

Faculty Missing Courses

Please review the following information before contacting support regarding a missing course.

  • Faculty will receive their courses for the upcoming term eight weeks before the start of that term.
  • Faculty missing a class should first confirm they have been assigned to the course properly in the Registrar's records. You may confirm this through the InfoCenterSIS or with the scheduling officer for your academic department. If the assignment is confirmed, then contact Academic Technology Support for assistance.
    • Please remember that any new assignments or changes in the Registrar's records will not be reflected on myCourses until the next morning as the information feed from the Registrar is sent to myCourses once each morning ~5:00am Eastern.
  • If you are an additional instructor or teaching assistant on a course, you will only have access to the course automatically if you are also listed in the Registrar's records.


If you require immediate access to a course, a confirmation email may be sent by the scheduling officer, department head, or dean who represents the academic department offering the course to Academic Technology Support. This must include the full course number including section and the academic term of the courses(s).

These measures are due to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Course updates indicator


The Course Updates indicator may not be 100% accurate.

You may find that you have indicators for work you cannot find.

When a student make an appropriate action, such as making a Discussion post or taking a quiz, the system updates the indicators. The indicators are not updated if work is removed before the instructor reviews it. For example the instructor removes a Discussion forum before reading all new messages in it. A student drops or withdraws from a course and their work, such as a quiz attempt or dropbox submission, is archived before the instructor reviews it.

The vendor is aware of this concern but has not implemented a fix at this time.