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When you are searching, you can search on part of any combination of:

  • Part of the title


  • Part of the course number


  • The semester code

If I was looking for BIOL.101.01 - Intro to Biology (BIOL10101.2191), I could search on 101 2191 for example. This would show me search results for all "101" course I have access to in the Fall 2191 semester.

Search method 1

The first place you can search is available throughout most pages on myCourses, the course selector menu "waffle" icon found at the top of the page.

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Clicking this icon will show a menu to quickly select pinned and recently access courses. At the top of the menu  is a search field where you can search for courses.

Search method 2

This is only available on the home page.

Below the course listing click the View all Courses link.

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The page you are taken to has a search field where you can search for courses.

Pin courses to the top of the listing