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Please note that this wiki is currently being constructed as we work to centralize existing paper and website documentation into this location. If you find that content is missing or menus seem sparsely populated, this is likely because we have not been able to fully develop that feature yet. If you have an urgent need for help with a particular issue that you cannot find support for here, please contact for assistance. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make our documentation more accessible and user-friendly.

Welcome to the RIT CampusGroups wiki! This is the central location for how-to guides, feature documentation, and other resources to help you best utilize the breadth of functionality that RIT CampusGroups has to offer. We make every effort to keep this wiki up to date; however, sometimes CampusGroups may release updates that cause a wide range of changes to the user interface, menu options, and more. If you find that the information or screenshots on a particular page do not match what you see on your screen, please let us know at and we will make sure to prioritize updates to the pages you are most actively using. Please also feel free to send us any requests you might have for new how-to guides or ways we can make existing pages more clear.

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