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Types of safety training available in the SMFL.

Class Training

For those taking enrolled in an RIT class that requires them to participate in a lab /class section held in the SMFL - basic safety training.

  • This level enables user to operate in the SMFL under supervision of Instructor/TA/Researcher.  Basic safety training.
  • No certification/swiping of tools.
  • Tool operation is done under the supervision of a Certified User for that tool.
  • This training is delivered through RIT's MyCourses software.


  • Appropriate for students actively processing wafers in lab sections. For example - MicroE students working on their senior project.
  • Advanced safety training along with SMFL policies and procedures.
    • Large focus on emergencies in the facility and how to react to them
  • User can be certified on tools.
  • Good for all areas in the SMFL with the exception of the Wet Etch Bays.
  • Entire process must be finished in the semester it was started.

Chemical Training

    • Chemical training is available for users that already have their Researcher Badge
      • Users should have some chemistry/chemical processing experience beforehand
    • It enables users to perform chemical processing in the two Wet Etch Bays
    • More information can be found here - SMFL Chemical Training


1) Attend a New Researcher Safety Training ClassSession

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