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Ensemble Video is the streaming application hosted by ILI and TWC to provide streaming video for RIT courses. An integration between Ensemble and the D2L Learning Environment has been developed that allows Ensemble is integrated with myCourses to allow users to upload and access video via myCourses. An overview of the Ensemble/D2L integration can be found here: videos into courses. In order to maintain and operate this service for the entire RIT community, a few policies have been established.


Faculty are associated with a Home Library which they have access to when they log in to into Ensemble or via myCourses.  Within that library they may:


Faculty that upload video directly to their Ensemble library must still request captioning via the TLS Media Services request form.

Ensemble Quota

Streaming Storage Space

RIT Faculty and Staff will be provided 10 GB  per user on the Ensemble server. Faculty teaching online courses will be provided a quota increase per online course based on need defined in course design. The current quota was derived from a combination of current use and current course design best practices. TLS and TWC will conduct regular use reviews to monitor quota allocation and adjust as necessary. 

Currently students will not be provided storage space on the Ensemble server. Student work for courses should be submitted via a faculty-configured Ensmble dropbox.


Quota Increase Process


Media associated with accounts that have been inactive for one year will be removed. Faculty should have a local backup of media published to Ensemble. Ensemble is a streaming media service and is not intended to serve as longer term storage for inactive video files.