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titleWiki spaces are only available at the request of RIT Faculty or Staff
  • Wiki spaces for course work must be requested by the instructor of the course.
  • Wiki spaces for student groups must be requested by a the Faculty or Staff advisor of that group.
  • In all cases the faculty or staff member is expected to maintain oversight of the space to ensure it respects RIT's Code of Conduct for Computer Use, it respects RIT's Information Access & Protection Standard, and it is an appropriate use of RIT resources.

To place a request you must be logged in to the wiki with your RIT Account which is classified as Faculty or Staff. The Log In link is found to the upper right of this page. If you see your a person or icon to the upper right instead of "Log In" there, you are currently signed in to the wiki and may proceed with your request.

Types of Wiki Requests

Please review the types of requests below and fill out the appropriate form for the type of wiki you would like.