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This paradox explains that samurai do not need to chase death in time of peace, until faced a calamity where bushido tells the samurai to take the honorable choice, to accept in face of certain death and embrace it.

In Afro Samuraithe anime, Afro's honor is tainted when the main antagonist of the series, Justice, slays his father. Afro combines revenge, the desire to avenge his father, and bushido, the demand to restore his own honor by following the path of almost certain death, as the core ideals in his life. Revenge was the first motivation instilled in Afro's mind the moment he witnessed his father's death. Bushido was somewhat taught by a teacher Afro respected and had reason to stay with his new family that adopted him, following the reason that "it is better to live."

Instead, Afro's urge to avenge the past was tenfold stronger than the virtues of bushido and reasoned that bushido demands that he avenge his father's murder, even if it requires the restoration of his honor brought pain, death, and grief to his foster family, especially and the death of the adored teacher. At an age just barely past adolescence, Afro immediately realizes his mistake. He then comes to the conclusion that his only restort is to, as Afro says, "my aim is to only move forward", but carries the guilt and burden that forms in Afro's subconscious. This form becomes a character named Ninja Ninja, constantly pushing Afro follow the other path; the opposition of bushido, to survive and live. Ninja Ninja reminds Afro that the "Way of the Warrior" was the reason that his family has died, voicing doubtful thoughts out loud and to stray Afro from death.