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First step in setting up a CIS printer on windows is installing the correct driver from printer list contained on the ?Printer Setup page (parent page).

Install the printer

These instructions are for OS 10.6.x

Open System PreferencesOpen "System Preferences" through the apple menu. Image Added

Select the "Print & Fax" Icon to open printer settings. Image Added
Press "+" to add a printer.  If the "" is grayed out, unlock this menu by clicking on the small lock icon in the bottom left hand corner of the window and then put in your administrative account information. Image Added
Go to the "IP tab:Protocol should be - " tab.  Under this tab, insure that the Protocol is set to "Line Printer Daemon - LPDAddress: ", the Address is "

Queue: "name of printer" - either sailfish or dolphin

", and that the Queue and Name are set to the appropriate printer ("guppy" or "sailfish").

Image Added
The printers will work with the Generic PostScript Printer driver but you will lose some of the advanced features available with the driver.  Assuming that the printer driver was installed correctly, select "Select Printer Software..." under "Print Using:". Image Added
Then select the appropriate driver from the list and click "ok". Image Added
Now click the "Add" button.  When using the correct driver, an additional "InstallableOptions" screen will appear.  This screen should be fine with the default settings. Click the "Continue" button to complete the printer installation. Image Added