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  • The SMFL Safety Test is online. You will be sent a link to the test after attending a New User Training Session or a Refresher Session.
  • The test is T/F and multiple choice format - ~70 questions. More than one answer maybe correct for the multiple choice.
  • Once you open the link to the test, you must complete it. Do not leave your browser unactive for any length of time or the test will reset and not submit correctly.
  • There is no passing grade for the test as everyone needs to review their results. There is a minimum score that must be attained before you can come to your review.
    • The minimum score is 90%. Below this you will need to retake the test.
    • You will will receive an email within 24 hours of submitting your test whether;
      1) You can sign up for your review. Sign up sheets are located outside room 17-2511 (T. Grimsley)
      2) Or will need to take the test again. A link will be provided for the next test attempt.

(red star) If you do not receive an email within 24hrs after submitting your test, please contact T. Grimsley for your results or to see if your test submitted correctly.

Here is a list of the '''test questions''' to help you study