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This page is an insanely simple guide to just barely get you going. The documentation on this page will not be complete. It will not tell you everything. It will tell you just enough to get started with using the Research Computing Clustercluster, SPORC (Scheduled Processing on Research Computing). First off, email if you encounter any issues with the cluster or if your account doesn't get created within one hour of completing the Apply process.


If you are unfamiliar with the topic of research computing or want to know more about what we offer check out our Services and About page. 

Apply for a User Account

In order to access SPORC and begin using Research Computing's resources you must first apply for a Research Computing User account.  You will need to login in with you RIT username and password, and an account will be made for you. If one hour passes without receiving an account creation email us.

Click Here to Apply!


Research Computing aims to know the researchers, their research, and their computational and research computing needs. After creating an account make sure to fill out this questionnaire so we can provide what you need for your project. After completion, you your response can be found under My Projects.


Now that you have an account, you are ready to get onto our cluster, SPORC. To login log into SPORC or other Research Computing provided resources, you will need to use either SSH or FastX. The first time you access SPORC, I would recommend you do it through SSH. FastX is useful for when you need a graphical interface, such as when you are visualizing data or analyzing graphs. When you log into SPORC there will be a message of the day that contains helpful tips and important information, so make sure you read it. You can view the message anytime by running motdRemember: the host name for SPORC is


For example SBATCH files, please run "grab-examples" from the command line. This will create the folder "slurm-examples" in your Home Directory and fill it will some scripts showing you the basic usage of the cluster. NOTE: Since the examples were made, we have changed the name of our partitions (groups of certain computers). Instead of #SBATCH -p work -n 4 use #SBATCH -p tier3 -n 4.

Using Interactive Mode (sinteractive)