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  1. You will see a list of the individual videos currently in your RIT video library.
    If you have access to more than one library (such as a department library, Wallace Library Streamed DVD, or other shared library) you can use the dropdown list at the top to switch to theseyour Shared Library.
  2. To quickly find a video you can use the empty field to filter the list by typing in a piece of the video title.
  3. If you want to insert one of your video playlists (a list of videos for an entire course), click on the tab at the top labeled Choose Playlist.  Playlists can be created and managed by logging into, contact for assistance in setting one up.
  4. If you want to add a new video to your library click on the Upload link and follow the prompts.  Please note that when you upload a video it will  undergo a transcoding process, this may take several minutes to hours before your video is viewable, however you can insert your video into myCourses before the transcoding is complete.


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STEP 5: Select Video / Adjust Video Size