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    Decide on the production style(s) that fit your content

    • Classroom recording
    • Talking Head
    • Voice Over Slides
    • Digital Whiteboard
    • Demo/Lab/Interview

    Review the Principles of Multimedia (Mayer, 2011)

    •  On-screen text is used sparingly -i.e. presenting key terms, presenting formulas or processes, presenting complex terms
    •  Visual cues used to direct the viewer
    •  Corresponding text and graphics are close to one another on page or screen
    •  Corresponding narration and graphics presented simulaneously
    •  Narration and graphics used instead of narration, graphics, and on-screen text

    Review the researched based best practices for creating course media

    • Personal Feel
      • Informal settings
      • Conversational tone
      • Wit / Humor
      • Enthusiasm
      • Natural Pacing
    • Insert your visual presence at key moments
    • Pair your media with related course activities
    • Provide students with an outline of topics covered
    • Segment media into 4-6 minute length modules
    • Keep it visually simple with only essential images
    • Introduce Movement - Annotation, Highlights, Transitions, Animation

    Script / Outline / Storyboard your media

    • Find and select your visuals
    • Align script with visuals into a storyboard
    • Rehearse and determine timing





    Upload to a streaming server


    Request captioning (or self caption)